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Submitted by: Mark Aucamp

Your Home Insurance Quote

The price of a home insurance premium is determined by a number of factors, and knowing what insurers are looking for when giving you a quote can help you to get the best deal. When getting a home insurance quote with experts such as Castle Cover, it is worthwhile to do some investigation on the kind of property you have and how well-protected it is against burglary and environmental damage. Ensure that you provide your insurance company with a true market value for how much your home is worth in line with the market price today. If you do not value your house properly and you under estimate the value of your house and it then is destroyed in a fire and needs to be rebuilt; then you could see the insurance company reduce your rebuild cost by the percentage of the shortfall in the premiums that you should have paid. Be sure that you always get the correct home insurance quote for the correct amount of protection.

The Age Of Your Property Affects Your Home Insurance Quote

Home insurance premiums can be significantly affected by the age of a property, as older houses tend to experience more problems from things like weathering and rot, and may not have the most up-to-date electrical systems, plumbing and heating. An insurance policy will also tend to cost more as the size of the property increases, as there is a larger area to cover and typically more valuables that might be damaged.

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The location of the home, especially when it is in an area with a high rate of crime, is yet another factor that can push up the cost of both contents and buildings insurance premiums. This is often offset to some degree by ensuring you have a burglar alarm fitted and take other security measures, such as installing a door grate to prevent break-ins. Ask your insurers for a home insurance quote with a burglar alarm fitted and a quote without and see if it is worth installing a burglar alarm system for a cheaper quote

Risk Of Flooding Can Affect Your Home Insurance Quote

In the event your home is in an area at risk of flooding, you may be able to reduce the cost of the policy by taking preventative measures. Certain home improvements like air brick covers and non-return valves on drains can help to protect your property and possessions from water damage.

The type of insurance policy you get will also have a large influence over how much you pay regularly. If youchoose the best level for your affordability.

You should also be able to reduce the cost of your home insurance by taking an accurate inventory of your possessions and how much they are worth, rather than estimating. If you know exactly how much cover you need, it s likely you will be paying less than somebody who takes a guess.

Your Home Insurance Quote Should Reflect The Correct Amount Of Protection

Even though it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest home insurance policy, it is much more important to get one that gives you the right amount of protection – after all, that s what it s there for! Don’t cut corners for a cheap home insurance quote it is not worth it.

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Why You Should Work with a Real Estate Attorney



Being unacquainted with the legal elements associated with purchasing a house will make the complete process extra difficult. Getting a real estate attorney can lighten the stress and allow you to know the legalities regarding purchasing a home. Although you have to spend some extra money for a real estate lawyer, having one can definitely offer you several benefits.

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Important insights on negotiations Your real estate attorney will take it upon himself to look after your best interest. Although he won\’t be the one to lay down the stipulations, he can still give professional information on which things should be included in the contract. He will go through every step of the home purchase to confirm any pitfalls and provide your protection. He can help you simplify details throughout the negotiation process such as terms of payment and mortgage contingencies. Contract reviews Sometimes, the contract and the process of buying a house can simply get challenging and confusing. Your real estate lawyer should help you thoroughly understand what\’s written on the deal to avoid any misunderstanding. He is also liable for double-checking the contents of the deal, assuring there are no blunders or inconsistencies. With his help, you can prevent signing a deal that may put you at a downside to case of a legal dispute. He can also make a draft the contract, which would be advantageous to you and the seller. Title search Employing an Ottawa real estate lawyer

will also help if you are searching for a land title. This is an essential task because the title search can confirm if the seller can actually sell the home. It will help you figure out that the property you want is free from encumbrances and liens. The job will be faster, easier, and more practical particularly if your real estate attorney is linked to title search companies.

Assistance to real estate laws Employing a real estate lawyer Ottawa

residents have confidence in will also assist you to learn more about real estate laws of Canada, which may be not the same as the laws enforced in other countries. He will also teach you about your rights and tasks as a consumer, which you can use as reference when negotiating with sellers.

Filings and deed managements Transactions and deed filings typically take more time without assistance from real estate lawyers Ottawa

residents rely on. Your real estate lawyer can take care of the process and obtain the deed of the property as quickly as possible. What’s better still is that he can inform you about restrictions and deadlines to help you complete the transaction without having too much hassle.

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Submitted by: Ken Lyons

Meta tags are a critical component of SEO success.

In search engine optimization terms, a “meta tag” is an HTML tag thats placed at the start of your web page code. For search marketers, they are the equivalent of ad copy for organic search results with the ability to have influence and impact searchers and persuade them to visit your website.

The trouble with meta tags is that many search marketers claim they no longer matter to SEO, so they often ignore them completely.

The reality is that meta tags are as important to your SEO efforts today as ever. And omitting them from your website can have serious, negative consequences.

So What are Meta Tags Anyway?

For anyone new to search marketing, meta tags are snippets of HTML code on a web page that send a signal to search engines about your pages content. All meta tags are invisible to your site users (except for the “title” tag), and are displayed in the search results for the benefit of searchers as a sort of preview of the information contained on a particular web page.

The goal is to create good copy for the snippets to get searchers to click on your search listings.

How Do I See My Sites Meta Tags?

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You can find and view the tags for each web page by right-clicking anywhere on the page, and then clicking on the view source option.

By doing this, you’ll see a sequence of HTML tags. The most important of these tags are your title tag, description tag and to a lesser degree keywords tag.

Users who visit your website will see this information displayed in the following ways:

Title Tag – The text you see at the top of your browser bar. This is the “title” of your web page.

Meta Description – A short description or synopsis of the page.

Meta Keywords – A series of keywords you denote as relevant or important to that particular web page.

Why are Meta Tags So Important to SEO?

These tags have various levels of impact on your website. Lets look at each tag in greater detail to get a better idea.

Title Tag

This is the most important of all of the tags discussed here for the purposes of effective SEO. The title tag weighs heavily on your sites search engine rankings, and serves as the headline for your sites ad in the SERPs. A searchers decision whether or not to click on your search listing often relies on having a good title tag.

Meta Description

The meta description tag’s main purpose is that it shows in response to search queries as a search engine’s summary of your page. This is important because the meta description is essentially serving as your “ad copy” within the organic search results. A well-written meta description will convince searchers to click on your listing.

Meta Keywords

Its reported that Google no longer uses the meta keywords attribute in its algorithm, but theres evidence that Yahoo and MSN still place some value on this tag. So the best approach is to include this tag for the engines that do recognize it as a valid search signal.

Finally, whats also important to note for meta tags is that the searchers keywords are bolded in the text for both the title and description tags in the search results. So heres even more incentive to pay attention to meta tags for SEO.

Meta Tags Really Do Matter

So now you know that meta tags actually have a very big impact on search engine rankings and SEO for your website. These tags play an important role in telling searchers what your web pages are about and getting them to click through to your site. If you ignore them, you run the risk of poor click through in the search engine results and poor SEO performance.

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Submitted by: Scott Watson

It’s not rocket science, so why do so many retail companies disadvantage their existing customers with offers which don’t make logical, emotional or possibly even financial sense? Here are two examples of offers which I have received during the past 10 days.

While visiting the beautiful city of York with my wife, we noticed a retail clothing store called White Stuff. They sell a very attractive range of mid-price, unique design clothing for men and women. What I enjoy about this store’s approach to customer value and satisfaction is simple. They serve first – and earn second. How so?

Well, my wife and I first came across this store during a holiday in the Lake District. My wife wanted to purchase some clothes for her new job and she enjoyed browsing the unusual but very attractive designs. They had a sale on which was also a bonus for me! As my wife browsed, the store attendant gently offered to assist my wife if she would like. Politely declining the kind offer, my wife continued to browse. The attendant’s attention smoothly changed focus from my wife….to me!

‘You’re welcome to relax on the sofa if you wish sir’, and a half-second later continued, ‘or you can enjoy the range of gentlemen’s clothing over here’, gesturing towards where she wanted me to be. Buying!

I did notice a jumper which I would have liked to have bought, but the only size in store was too small for me. But, it wasn’t a lost cause. She picked up the phone and called their store 8 miles down the road. Yes, the sister store did have a larger jumper in store and they would deliver it to this store for 9am the next morning. ‘I’d be happy to arrange delivery for you sir….Shall I do that for you?’. How clever as well as professional! Why? Because this young lady had been so polite, gently helpful and discreet that I would have felt a little awkward rejecting her offer of help. Also, by accident or design, including the words ‘Shall I do that FOR YOU’? added a very personal slant. It’s the law of reciprocity in action. She was offering to be helpful to me, so I was compelled to return the favour.

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Yes, we did buy and the whole experience was very positive. So, on to York. A different store location wise, but very similar in terms of offers. Unfortunately for me, there was no sale or discounts being advertised, but a genuinely friendly welcome from the female assistant was followed around 5 minutes later with an extended arm offering to hold the 3 shirts I had taken off the rack, while I continued to browse. The next offer? ‘I’ll put these in the changing room for you to try on when you’ve finished.’ How cool! In a very professional, non-pushy sense, there was little opportunity of me leaving the store without first trying on the items of clothing she had ‘kindly’ held for me.

Another offer, and a very subtle one at that was this. ‘I’ll give you an over the shoulder bag which is free of charge’. Nice gesture. Not that I ever pay for carrier bags in any store. My local health food store wants to charge ten pence for a carrier bag (apparently to help the environment and save the planet). All along, there I was thinking that they were just generating additional income from themselves because they were jumping on the bandwagon of being good corporate citizens. This is the health store that following ringing over 30 of goods through their cash till stated to me ‘And the carrier bag is ten pence…is this ok?’ My polite and assertive response? ‘Well, no actually it isn’t, I won’t be paying additional funds for the privilege of paying you good money for these goods’. Stunned silence followed until the gentleman advised me that it was ‘Company Policy’ to charge for bags. My polite and still assertive response? ‘Thank you for letting me know that, as I stated earlier, I won’t be paying YOUR COMPANY to make money off an environmental issue.’ When I asked whether the proceeds generated from every bag sale – and every customer’s blind compliance with their ‘Company Policy’ was donated to a charitable organisation his face changed…as did his manner. Guess who lost a customer?

Back to White Stuff. The offers they made were timely, beneficial for the customer, cost nothing but a few seconds of their time, generated rapport and an element of trust and were partnered with a high-quality product at a price I was willing to pay. How cool is that? Very cool I think!

Now let’s look at the other side. Last night I spotted an advert in the newspaper from my local hairdressing salon. The offer is detailed below, word for word as published.




What’s wrong with this offer? This SPECIAL offer? You guessed it! If you have never visited this salon and had your hair cut by the manager, you pay ONLY 40. Apparently, this SAVES YOU 15. Let’s think about this. If you’ve never had your hair cut by the Manager previously, you benefit from a perceived saving of 15. But, if you are a regular client of the Manager, YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY FULL PRICE! How fair is that offer? In simple terms, if you’re a long-standing client who has helped this company grow their business, or at the very least, remain in business, you are penalised. Why? Because you are a loyal, existing client.

The acquisition of new clients is absolutely essential to any company. I understand this fully. But actively penalising existing clients and customers is potentially commercial suicide. So, if you are a consumer, be careful what offers you accept from organisations. If you are a business, you too need to think carefully before publishing well-meaning but potentially dangerous offers.

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