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Personal Finance for Students – For Your Private Requirements


Aldrich AlexanderIf you want to have a bright future, then you have to complete your education. At times it becomes difficult for some people o complete their education due to their shortage of cash. But do not worry with the accessibility of personal finance for students. They are meant for your private requirements.

The applicant has to fulfill the eligibility conditions for availing this finance. These conditions are that you should be above the age of 18, you should have an active bank account and you should be a UK resident. You can opt for personal finance for students for meeting your various needs like mobile bills, college fees, tuition fees, for buying books and so on.

They are available through the offline as well as the online mode. The offline mode can consume your lot of time. Thus, applying through the online mode is beneficial. You just have to fill up the application form and after approval the amount gets credited into your account.

They are finances which offer you financial backing without any worries. They are granted to you in the secured plus the unsecured form. Thus, you do not have to worry about collateral if you are going for the unsecured form.

They are available in the secured and the unsecured form. The secured form requires you to place collateral. You can avail an amount extending from 500 to 100000 and this amount has to be settled within 1 to 25 years. The unsecured form does not require placing of any kind of asset or collateral. You can fetch an amount extending from 1000 to 25000. The amount has to be reimbursed within 1 to 25 years.

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Submitted by: Steve Selengut

In addition to a well thought out Investment Plan, successful Equity investing requires a feel for what is going on in the real world that we all refer to as “The Market”. To most investors, the DJIA provides all of the information they think they need, and they worship it mindlessly, thinking that this time tattered average has mystical predictive and analytic powers far beyond the scope of any other market number. A cursory review of New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Issue Breadth figures (93% of the Dow stocks are traded there) clearly shows how the Dow has neither been prescient nor historically accurate with regard to broad market movements for the past eight years. Additionally, this financial icon that investors revere as the ultimate “Blue Chip” Stock Market Indicator has lost its luster, with less than half its members achieving S & P ratings of A or better, and 20% of the issues ranked below Investment Grade.

Is the 120-year-old DJIA impotent? No, it’s certainly helpful for Peak-to-Peak analysis right now, for example, to see if your Large Cap only Equity Portfolio is as high as it was six years ago. But it’s based upon a seriously flawed Buy and Hold investment strategy and universally used as a market barometer, when its original role was as an economic indicator. This is not just semantics. It’s Wall Street’s rendition of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Possibly, a weighted average of investor perceived business prospects for thirty major companies is a viable economic indicator, but leading or lagging? Clearly, there is no conceivable way that any existing average/index can measure the progress of the thousands of individual securities (and Mutual Funds masquerading as individual securities) that, in the real investment world, are “The Market”. And is there just “a” Market, when REITs, Index ETFs, Equity CEFs, Income CEFs, and even some Preferreds are all mixed together in such a way that most brokerage firm statements can’t quite distinguish one from the other? Investors are dealing with multiple markets of different types. Markets that don’t follow the same rules or respond to the same changes in the same ways. The Dow is dead, long live reality.

Feeling statistically naked? Don’t fret Nell, here are a few real market statistics and lists that are easy to understand, easy to put your cursor on, and useful in keeping you up to date on what’s going on in the multiple Markets of today’s Investment World:

1. Issue Breadth is the single most accurate barometer of what’s going on in the markets on a daily basis! Statistics for each of the Stock Exchanges are tracked daily, documenting how many individual issues have advanced versus how many have declined. Rarely are these important numbers reported, especially if they are painting a picture different from that being jammed down investors’ throats by institutional propaganda. Would you believe, that in 1999 (when the DJIA and other indices) last achieved All Time High (ATH) levels, monthly Issue Breadth on the NYSE was positive only in April, followed by a 12 month paper bloodbath extending through May of 2000. Since then, Breadth has been positive for six consecutive years. Surprise!

2. Pay close attention to the number of issues hitting New Fifty-Two Week Highs (52Hs) and Lows each day: a) for trend corroboration, and b) to obtain a wealth of important information for daily decision-making and periodic performance understanding. The recent NYSE Bull Market (not a typo) is clearly evidenced by six consecutive years (from 04/00) with more issues hitting new 52Hs than new 52Ls… New Highs nearly tripled New Lows. So much for the standard market tracking tools… not to mention Wall Street manipulation of all the news that’s fit to print for investors. Looking at the daily lists of 52Hs and 52Ls will help you determine: a) which sectors are moving in which directions, b) if interest rate expectations are pointing up or down, c) which individual issues are approaching either your Buy or Sell targets and, d) which direction your portfolio Market Value should be moving.

In recent months, REITs, metals, and energy stocks dominated the hot list while regional banks, utilities, and other interest rate sensitive issues were notsos (sic). These lists always indicate what’s going on now, without any weighting, charting, or hype, making your job almost simplistic. Take your reasonable profits in the issues that have risen to new peaks (Sell Higher), and purchase the quality issues among those that are at 52Ls (Buy Lower). High prices often reflect high speculation with Bazooka potential, while lower priced value stocks often turn out to be bargains. Ishares, foreign Closed End Funds, Mining and Energy bloat today’s 52H List while preferred shares and Utilities occupy the 52Ls… a bit more meaningful than “the Dow is near an All Time High”, and a bit scarier as well.

3. Throughout the trading day, periodic review of three lists called “Market Statistics” will keep you current on individual issue price movements, active issues, sector developments, and more. How you interpret and use this information will eventually affect your bottom line, weather you are a Value Stock Investor or a Small Cap day trader. The Most Active and The Most Declined Lists describe individual and group activity, identify where some more detailed research might be appropriate, and provide potential additions to your Daily Stock Watch List. The Most Active and Most Advanced Lists will identify the hottest individual issues and sectors, identify areas where news stories may be worth reading, and instantly make you aware of profit taking opportunities.

I know you are tempted to shout “Blasphemy” at the top of your lungs, but the DJIA was developed in a pre-internet world (actually, pre-automobile) where the statistics discussed above were unavailable, only the wealthy cared about the stock market, there were no Mutual Funds, and, frankly Scarlet, 95% of the population just didn’t care. Now here’s some blasphemy for you: It is likely that not one person reading this article has an investment portfolio that closely resembles the composition of the DJIA. It is just as likely that nearly everyone reading this article will use the Dow to evaluate portfolio performance. I’ve never understood this phenomenon, and I know that change takes time… but really, the Dow (and the other averages) have had their day, and far too much of your nest egg, for you to ignore this reality any longer.

About the Author: Steve Selengut.

sancoservices.comvaluestockbuylistpr. gram.comProfessional Portfolio Management since 1979 Author of: “The Brainwashing of the American Investor: The Book that Wall Street Does Not Want YOU to Read”, and “A Millionaire’s Secret Investment Strategy”


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Submitted by: Daven Thomas

No you dont need one, if youre a financial expert yourself and can ably manage your personal finances well. Balance 98.73% of the total population of people is engrossed in their daily muddling, to make both ends meet. Of course they are earning their living and their family members are also bringing their share, to run the family with that total household income. By practice and experience, they know how to balance in the tight-rope walk of budgeting and apportioning the available funds, equitably to run the show, keeping up with social pride.

These are common areas where there is no third party advice needed, for a majority chunk. But if you think about the future, and want to save for the financial commitments you are destined to meet, fulfill your aspirations in life, perform your family duties well, or simply want your wealth to grow, then it is certain you need Professional Financial Advice.

Most of us generally know it is a demanding task to make money work for us, rather than earning it. Unless you safeguard and invest the surplus funds of your earnings in the right destinations, youll be blinking in the future, when the inflation and devaluation of currencies eat up everything you saved.

YouTube Preview Image

You need a friend to give you fair, unbiased, transparent and profitable Financial Advices, to save your money from perils, to get eroded in value and multiply over years, so that you enjoy the fruits. This is exactly the meaning of an Independent Financial Adviser friend.

Think it this way. If you have some ailments or diseases, you go to a Physician. You place trust upon the doctor, as he is a professionally qualified person to cure your illness. The doctor can liberate you from your present problems, youre already suffering. For remedies in future, youll have to go to him only when you suffer again.

In the case of seeking the advice of Independent Financial Adviser, it is not for your present financial sufferings you get advice, but the smart financial planning for your future. You have to plan ahead now, so that you will not suffer in future near or beyond some years. Like a Physician, who has the qualification to deal with diseases and ailments, these Independent Financial Advisers are well qualified professionals, in the field of Financial Planning and Consultations.

For example, they know very well and update their knowledge in the most profitable financial products that will multiply your money, in manifold proportions. They know for sure, which Insurance Plan is most suitable for you, or which Pension Plan can bring forth excellent steady returns, when you enjoy retired life. You need to go in for some mortgage loans? Surely these professionals can help you get them, without hassle and with less, bearable burdens. Simply put, they work for you, putting forth your financial interests as supreme.

In UK the professionals functioning as Independent Financial Advisers, whether they are Independent Financial Advisers Middlesex, Independent Financial Advisers Surrey or any other territory are governed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). So you need not have any anxieties or apprehensions at all, in seeking their personal advice as a Friend In Need.

About the Author: About Us: Daven Port Thomas offer a fully comprehensive financial advicefrom well experienced Financial Adviser and Independent Financial Advice Surrey service to help with all your short, medium and long-term financial planning requirements.


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11 28th, 2018

Submitted by: RA Jones

This is article 1 of the 7 part Realitysculp series.

In the absence of information people will seek to fill that absence anyway they can. Sometimes this information is born from baseless speculation, other times the source is a result of diligent research. In either case, those in authority can ill afford to allow this to occur if they wish to maintain control. Invisible Reality 2015

There is not a person alive that would enjoy the notion that their actions, behavior, and least of all that their very thoughts could be manipulated to the point of control. Yet here we are at the beginning of the 21st century and universally human liberty is at the lowest it has been in all of recorded history. Many may put this article aside as absurd because it contradicts the years of education, television programs, and political doctrine they have received. For those who dare, reading on maybe the most significant event of their new lives. Why? Because our world is upside down. The concepts that I intend to demonstrate to the reader is that nearly every truth of relevance in our world is opposite of what the average person believes to be true.

Over the last few years I have read the works of many Truthers who are further ahead on this road of discovery, and many have fantastic insights to share. Most Truthers attempt to awaken the sleeping masses by shocking them with facts that contradict the currently and generally accepted world views, however while this works sometimes, in most cases it fails miserably. These attempts are well written and logically organized, but often fall short of helping others comprehend the world as it really is. I quickly realized that the issue was twofold. The first one is a lack of conceptiveness within the general population. Conceptiveness can best be expressed as a receptiveness to seek understanding of new concepts. This differs from the common expression of being open minded whose meaning has been hijacked by the propagandist and twisted. Today the meaning of being open minded is to be an individual that readily embraces outrageous life style changes handed to them by those in charge without application of critical thought or the use of judgement. Conceptiveness on the other hand demands the application of critical thought AND the use of judgement in the evaluation of new concepts. The second issue being one of an individuals Reality Scope. A person is unable to process and comprehend information that is outside of the limits or scope of their reality. This fact, as I will show you later, is also leveraged as a means of controlling the population.

Reality Scope can be best described as the sum of all knowledge and concepts known to or imaginable by an individual. Please note that it is the knowledge of and ability to imagine concepts, not the agreement with these concepts that places it within the scope of an individuals reality. As stated earlier, it is impossible for a person to process and comprehend information that is outside of the limits or scope of their reality. So when a person is presented with information outside their reality scope, they are faced with a choice. The choice to expand the scope of their reality in an attempt comprehend the information, or to ignore the information and apply their attention elsewhere. This choice is made based upon the perceived value it will have to the individual making the choice. However as this discussion will show, what an individual perceives as valuable is based upon their world view or in other words the total of their understanding of reality. Furthermore this discussion will show that the world views of the masses are given to them through an education system and mass media owned by a few whose goal it is to rule. So the challenge of Reality Scope is really one of showing that this knowledge and understanding has great value to an individual when the individual exists within a world view designed to discredit the value of any thinking along this path. Indeed, at a deep level, individuals comprehend that following this path will be uncomfortable at best and potentially very dangerous.

Mindcage A state of psychological existence that limits a minds imagination, intellectual, and spiritual development to a scope deemed useful to authorities.

Mindfree A state of psychological existence that recognizes and accepts the reality of the existence authoritative and self-imposed mindcages and has chosen to seek to expand their minds imagination, intellectual and spiritual development scope without limits or boundaries.

While our personal liberty or free will is of upmost importance to all of us, very few have the slightest awareness that these things have been stolen from us long ago. This is primarily due to the lack of comprehension of the majority of the population that mindcages exist, and those that basically do understand that, fail to understand that it applies to them. It is because of this realization; I have elected to focus my efforts in a different direction then others Truthers. I have committed myself to the journey of Mindfree and have attempted to document the details of discovery so that others can hopefully benefit from this experience.

Before you can escape from a mindcage, you must first accept the truth that you are indeed locked in one. Only with the acceptance that psychological controls and locks exist with the purpose of placing humans into a mindcage, as well as the understanding of how this prison functions, can a human ever ensure that they are never controlled. Self-evident as this statement is, when it comes to protecting and preserving our free will, most Americans seem to have decided that such tasks would be better left to people whose hearts lust for wealth and power. Think about it, we all know that in reality not everyone can become president. It takes a tremendous amount of financial backing and a certain type of personality to dedicate oneself to obtain such a position of power. However, the average American believes that someone who obtains hundreds of millions of dollars of funding from industry and the wealthy individuals who own those industries would somehow come to the White House with the best interests of the average citizen as their priority. Do people really believe the wealthy and industry leaders are fools? Would you donate huge amounts of your money to someone that will later cut your income or regulate how you live your day to day life? This is the first example of the world upside down. Most Americans believe they live in a Democratic society, and those with some awareness believe we live in a Republic. However in both cases, the irrational concept that dominates is that the candidates selected and supported by the wealth elite work for the people and not those who paid to place them in office.

What is more important to consider is why would a concept that has such a clear and total break from reality become accepted by the majority of Americans as truth? Why do Americans generally consider anyone who raises such questions or those individuals who seek to safe guard their privacy and control their own free will as somehow being mentally ill? The answers to these questions are simple; it is because such attitudes and viewpoints are useful to the ruling elite.

If a person was to be concerned about obtaining and retaining their personal free will then what they need to do is to learn the mechanics of the human process that turns the data or information we receive into the actions we take. Free Thought is at the heart of all Freedom, without this a human is a slave to the desires of another person and condemned to life in a mindcage. While our wild human ancestors enjoyed free thought as naturally as breathing air, in our modern world we have been born into a hierarchy where we have been educated to believe the ideas and ideals of others are our own. To become free, we must first accept the truth that we exist within a mind cage, then must learn how to regain control and safe guard our mental processes so that the thoughts we have and the actions we take are indeed our own.

Originally, I called the complex process that takes information input and turns it into our thoughts and actions the Perception, Instinct, Feelings, Thoughts, and Behavior (PIFTB) cycle. However, time and experience has shown me that the cycle really begins with the information we receive. Humans, similar to animals, live to a large extent in a reactionary manner. What this means is that our daily existence is one of receiving a constant stream of data inputs from the five senses and through the PIFTB cycle this data produces the attitudes and reactions Humans display. While this statement implies that, to a certain extent, humans appear to be slaves to the data they are fed, especially in circumstances that require an immediate reaction, knowledge of the cycle and application of critical thought can places us back in control.

Moving forward this process Data, Perception, Instinct, Feelings, Thoughts, and Behavior (DPIFTB) cycle will be known as the Realitysculp Cycle. Understanding the Realitysculp Cycle is critical because the cycle can be purposely manipulated with great effectiveness at several points. The knowledge necessary to manipulate and direct this cycle has been a hot topic of study for the wealthy elite, corporations, governments and their social engineers for many decades. Only by being equipped with an equal or superior understanding of the Realitysculp Cycle can a person evade their mindcages and live mindfree.

Many organizations, think tanks, and foundations have perfected a number of effective methods of free will manipulation that have been in use for at least a half a century on an unsuspecting population. Remember that the cycle begins with data received, and it ends with behavior of the masses. In between the start and end points are thoughts and perceptions, the very items that make our existence human. Stripped of free thoughts, perceptions, and living with our behavior controlled makes humans nothing more than beasts of burden for a master. What could be more disturbing then to realize that ones very own thoughts as well as behavior can and has been tailored to suit the needs or wants of someone else? Ignorance of the Realitysculp Cycle condemns an individual to a life as a farm animal for the ruling elite. If this doesnt provide enough value to an individual to make the choice to expand their Reality Scope, then I must say they truly deserve their existence of a beast of burden within a mindcage.

As we discussed when I first published the overview of the cycle, I started it with Perception. Indeed in a world where we receive our data first hand from a pristine environment unfiltered or manipulated by someone else like our free ancestors of the past, then the cycle would begin at Perception. However, we live in a world where the majority of our information is received second hand. Filtered, edited, and framed by the 5 owners of all major media sources. Someone else decides not only what information we receive but also the contexts that the information is framed in. Take a moment and consider what that means. If the Realitysculp Cycle starts at the Data received, and ends with the Behavior of the individual, it is clear that one of the key steps in ensuring that the individuals behave in a way desirous to their master is to control the content and context of the information they receive.

About the Author: Dedicated to bringing awareness of the meaning of events that hold significant impact to the security and quality of the lives of the common person, Bob Jones writes on subjects striking at the core of our existence Bringing not a list of titles or literary honors, but instead common sense and reasoning to concepts and events under educational and media blackout from the population as a whole. He also is the publisher of a website dedicated to

the elimination of human suffering

. Explore other articles by clicking on the link or by visiting us at


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byAlma Abell

If you have an appliance that is not functioning properly, the most important thing that you can do for yourself is to find a reputable Appliance Services in Alpharetta. After all, we tend to rely on having appliances that function properly at all times. If something were to happen, we may be inconvenienced in a way that isn’t necessary. From the moment that you realize that something is wrong, set up an appointment with your appliance repairman.

It’s nice to know that you have an appliance repairman who is going to take care of your needs. He will work with you and help you to know what can be done so that you don’t have to spend money on appliances that don’t need to be replaced. Maybe you are under the impression that a new washing machine is your only option. This isn’t always the case. In fact, it could easily be a simple adjustment. Don’t ever assume anything until your appliance repairman has given you his opinion.

The Appliance Doctor will be able to service all major brands of appliances. They are going to carefully diagnose your situation before they tell you what repairs need to be done. At this point, it will be up to you to decide how you would like to handle the situation. If they do use any replacement parts, you can bet that the parts will be genuine. This way, they will work the way that they are supposed to and you shouldn’t have any more problems with your appliance.

It doesn’t matter whether it your washer, dryer, oven, refrigerator, garbage disposal, trash compactor, or anything else. Your Appliance Services in Alpharetta has experience in helping people just like you. They will do a great job for a fair price. They will be completely honest with you about everything that needs to happen. This way, it will be up to you to make the final decision. If it does come down to your appliance needing to be replaced, your appliance repairman can recommend a quality appliance that he will even be able to install for you. Pick up the phone to schedule a service call today.

By Rumble Romagnoli

Trust the Dutch to build ships worth their weight in gold. Coming from the land of ship-building pioneers, motor yacht Pretty Woman is a Hakvoort 2010 creation, and true to her name, could beat some of the most beautiful women in the world, when it came to grabbing a man’s eyeballs. Pretty Woman though, has a lot more to her credit than just her stunning sleek design. The product of one of the most established shipyards in the business, she is the perfect amalgamation of superior engineering and craftsmanship giving her stability, efficiency and the luxury you would expect out of a super yacht.

At an impressive length of one hundred thirty nine feet, Pretty Woman is a pretty big vessel, and would definitely count as an object of prestige and luxury. She is fully capable as an ocean-going vessel, and sumptuously accommodates up to 12 guests on a charter. The master suite on the main deck is of beam-width providing more than a roomy stay. With a king-sized bed, a walk-in wardrobe and a study, the main suite is perfect for a long luxurious vacation out at sea.

YouTube Preview Image

M/Y Pretty Woman’s intelligently designed space make her an extremely flexible yacht when it comes to accommodating your guests. There are four guest twin-cabins situated on the lower deck that can easily be converted into doubles and still remain spacious. Two of these cabins, located in the aft, can be merged into one large suite. With insuite bathrooms, each cabin provides maximum privacy and convenience to your guests. The parlour is a spacious and beautifully turned out area, equipped with open-plan sofas, a flat screen TV, dry bar and a stately adjoining dining area for 10. The open aft area on the bridge deck offers a great arrangement and ambience for cocktails and drinks, and the sun deck is fitted out with a whirlpool Jacuzzi and a BBQ grill. Accommodation for the crew is situated on the lower deck, ensuring they are able to live and serve comfortably.

Aside from the luxury and comfort she provides, motor yacht Pretty Woman is also a robust super yacht. Powered by two caterpillar engines, twin screw propellers and a fuel capacity of 45,000 ltrs, she boasts a top speed of 12.5 knots and can cruise at a comfortable 10.5 knots. In keeping with Hakvoort’s specific expertise, she has a steel hull and the superstructure is crafted out of aluminium, keeping her sturdy and safe. 8 metres at her widest, and 39 metres at her longest, her design is extremely aesthetically alluring, while ensuring her sea-worthiness.

M/Y Pretty Woman is the best yacht you could consider for a luxury cruise and is available with a professional crew of 9 members and a captain. Currently available for Western Mediterranean cruises, this triple decked beauty makes for the perfect design to enjoy the pleasant Mediterranean climate and stunning vistas and provides all the comfort and space one would need to enjoy a luxury charter. With Pretty Woman by your side, your yachting experience can get pretty exciting and luxurious.

About the Author: M/Y Pretty Woman is currently for sale with Fraser Yachts, specialists in luxury yacht charter and sales.


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byAlma Abell

Planning ahead for any situation is always the best way to be prepared. It can save money and it takes away worry and stress. People plan for vacations, prepare for the next holiday season and set up accounts for their retirement. What many neglect to plan for is their funeral. Unfortunately, it is the only future event you can guarantee will occur. It is understandable to put this off as no one wants to think about their final demise. However, there are some good reasons for learning more about the Prepaid Cremation Plans in Speedway IN.

Pre-planning a funeral, especially when you are healthy and not in a hurry, will be much easier than to do so when you are ill. It will be easier both emotionally and mentally because you will not feel rushed to complete everything immediately. You can take the time to research options and make better decisions. It is also less stressful for your loved ones who will now never have to worry about making these plans while they are in mourning.

There are plenty of financial reasons to consider Prepaid Cremation Plans in Speedway IN as well. Planning ahead means you get a locked-in price. Since the cost of the average funeral increases every year the savings from pre-planning could be substantial. Many funeral homes offer payment plans when you plan ahead. It is easier to make payments over time than for your family to pay all at once when they probably are also saddled with an enormous amount of additional bills from your final expenses.

Another point to consider is about honoring your final wishes. When you plan your own funeral you will get to have exactly what you want. You can choose how simple or elaborate the event will be and can add any extra details you choose. Again, it takes away the worry from your family members who would have to make these decisions at a difficult emotional time.

If you are ready to get started, check out to learn more. They offer even more reasons for why this is the best choice you can make for yourself and your family. You can learn everything you need to make the right decision and even get started on your own plans. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

By Sean A. Kelly

Many banks and financial institutions offer various types of loans for consumers to choose from to suit their financing purposes and repayment capabilities. For many people, applying for a loan is something they consider to be a big decision to make and also the search for the right loan provider may actually be quite a task. Some people may prefer to borrow from licensed mortgage provider rather than from a bank. Provident Funding is one example of a licensed mortgager that has been considered as one of the major mortgage price leaders in the country. They generally offer one of the lowest rates and also comprehensive loan programs to their consumers. This may be because of the fact that they are not a bank but they are specialists in providing mortgages to suit their client’s needs and capabilities.

Provident Funding also allows you to apply for your loan online so this saves you a trip to their office. This may be a plus item for many individuals who work 9 to 5. With this online application feature, they may apply for a loan at any time of the day from the comfort of their own home. They may also refer to the information provided by Provident on their website. You may also get advice from their mortgage consultants who are almost always on stand by to answer any questions from their consumers. Of course, if you wish to get a better picture and further understanding of the entire loan process you may proceed to visit their local office within your vicinity. However, you may want to bear in mind that Provident do not really have that many branch offices compared to banks. So you may have to ensure that there is a branch office near where you live.

YouTube Preview Image

Generally, once you have submitted your application for a Provident Funding refinance or mortgage loans you may be assured that your application may go through an automated system where a licensed mortgage consultant may be assigned to your case. Their mortgage consultant may offer you advice and guide you through the loan process and you may inquire anything about your loan to them. Of course, they may be the one who would contact you to inform you of the status of your loan and anything related. Generally your mortgage consultant may begin to process your loan once the Property Appraisal Deposit is received. In order to fully approve your loan you may also be required to provide additional documentation during the loan process.

When signing your Provident Funding mortgages documents you may want to make sure that the loan documents are sent to you by the notary/closing agent. They may get in contact with you to set a time to sign the documents. As it is with other loans, you may also want to make sure that you read the loan documents twice including the fine prints so that you may not miss out on any information. Your signed documents may later be reviewed and Provident may opt to wire funds to the title company. This company plays the role of disbursing the funds and keeping a record of all the necessary and related paperwork. This may be when your loan would be considered as closed. The application process may be considered as fairly easy and you may even track your status of application as and when you choose to.

If you prefer to enjoy lower interest rates you may want to try applying for a mortgage loan offered by Provident. However, due to the lack of local branches you may find it slightly difficult to meet up with a loan officer should you have more inquiries regarding your loan application.

About the Author:

provident fundingprovident funding refinanceprovident funding mortgages


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Baby Boomers: 6 Major Issues You Need To Address In Retirement Planning


Maurine Patten

People are retiring earlier. The average age for a first retirement is 57.5 years. According to the latest statistics, if you are in good health now, you are probably going to live another 30-40 years. If you are like most people, you planned for previous stages in your life. Retirement is no exception.

What are the six major issues you need to be considering before you retire?1. More than any other age group, Boomers are concerned about having a purpose during their retirement years. A purpose (goal) gives you a sense of meaning which contributes to your overall well-being and happiness. The challenge is to focus on who you are instead of what you do.2. Now is the time to discover the things you feel passionate about, that you find engaging and meaningful. How you choose to spend your retirement years will depend on the choices you are making as you approach this next stage in your life.3. The timing of when you retire can be critical. To determine when you will retire, reflect on who you are (your strengths and values) and what you want during retirement. Your experiences over the years, the knowledge you have gained, and self-awareness you have developed will help you make your decision.4. Financial planning is one of the two main pillars of successful retirement. Because of the changing financial scene, there are three areas for you to consider for your financial plan to be solid: Social Security, employer’s pension plans, and your personal savings. Discussing your financial needs with a financial planner is highly recommended.5. Once basic financial needs are met, other issues become more important. Your health is the second pillar of retirement. This is a time to learn more about wellness which includes making yearly physical, dental and eye exams. It also means making good choices about nutrition, managing stress, moderate physical exercise for your body, and mental exercises for your brain.6. Some relationships change during retirement. If you end your career, you no longer have the built-in contacts with people you would see on a daily basis. It is a time to build new relationships and cultivate a deeper relationship with your spouse, children, grandchildren, and other significant people in your life.This is a critical time in your life. Planning helps you maximize the unlimited possibilities and fulfill your purpose. Your journey will be unique to you. Make it be all that you hope for.

Maurine D. Patten, Ed.D., CMC, Maximize Your Possibilities

Pattencoaching.comFree assessment at

for more information.

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Baby Boomers: 6 Major Issues You Need To Address In Retirement Planning}

By Joe R. Maldonado

Shopping for a life insurance policy is overwhelming, so knowing the equity indexed universal life insurance pros and cons will help you make a sound decision. These policies havent been around too long, but they offer the highlights from the fixed whole life policies and the variable life insurance. This type of life insurance is permanent, and as long as you keep up on your payments there is a permanent death benefit. A great benefit is the reserve fund. This can be used later in life (when the premiums are likely to be higher) to help offset payments.

How does Equity Indexed Universal Life Insurance (EIUL) Work?

Every time you pay your premium it gets invested by the insurance company into their general account. Then they take the money from their general account and invest it in stocks with options. You would get something like a certificate of deposit at this time. If all goes well, you get a part of the profits. Even if the stocks fall, you can still count on the minimum credit rating.

What about Taxes?

When it comes to taxes, most of the time Congress looks favorably on life insurance policies. You dont get to deduct your paid premiums, but the growth on the cash value of your policy will remain tax free. Also, as long as your policy is open you can have access to the cash value of your policy any time you wish, tax free. If you are below age 59 you will not get the 10% penalty which is usually placed on any withdrawal profits. Furthermore, if your policy is in effect you will not have to deal with capital gains tax or even income tax on the withdrawal proceeds. People who arent able to receive other types of retirement accounts or benefits love EIUL policies.

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The Pros:

Great tax incentives

Cash value may be used without restrictions

In the event of the policyholders death, the beneficiary receives a tax-free cash death benefit

The cash value will usually retain protection by creditors (this depends upon the state in which you live)

Cash value does not count when your family is attempting to receive any type of financial aid

You would be guaranteed a minimum credit rating

The Cons:

Compared to other savings policies, equity indexed universal life insurance policies have a bit of a high fee base. You pay commissions upfront, so you may be paying for several years before you get to the point where you are breaking even as far as the cash value matching what youve paid.

You have to really put a lot of funds into these.

If you dont put enough funds in, you wont have enough cash value to keep your policy going in the later years of your life. Then you will end up having to figure out if you want to let the policy go, or pay the premiums to keep it going.

You must weigh out the equity indexed universal life insurance pros and cons to determine whether this will be the best choice for you and your family as far as the long term.

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