By Candice Clem

The publishing industry is one of the largest in the world, raking in an astounding $444bil across the globe in 2007. Of course, the average work from home entrepreneur is likely to wonder what such a massive industry has to do with him, because nearly all the world’s publishers are huge firms producing books and magazines by the truckload, or so everyone thinks.

That’s mostly correct; the bigger companies definitely make up the majority of the industry and take in the majority of its profits, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for smaller companies to slip in and scoop up the money from the smaller jobs that falls through the cracks of the publishing conglomerates. And when you’re talking about $444bil per year, it’s safe to conclude that whatever revenue falls through the cracks between those publishing giants is still going to be substantial. So, with that in mind, here are some business opportunities in the publishing industry with space available for any interested entrepreneur.

Bingo Lingo

Though you may not have previously considered it, there is a big demand for publishing work in the bingo world. Bingo Lingo franchises specialize in producing bingo programs for charitable organizations, and they’ve been doing so for 20 years, making them one of the most well recognized names in this very under-saturated industry. Franchisees need not have any history in advertising or printing because the franchisor gladly teaches everything there is to know from production management to employee training. This is an entirely home based business, reaping the benefits of the publishing industry without any of the hassles associated with book and magazine printing.


Life Success Publishing

In the simplest of terms, this franchise business takes an entirely different approach to marketing their clients than any other advertising or business coaching operation out there. Their method: help the client write and market a book. They call it “selling the individual.” Having studied shifts in consumer mentality and marketing over the last couple decades, Life Success Publishing has found that merely telling consumers what they want or need is no longer a successful strategy. Their angle is to help their business clients write, publish, and market a book that will get their name in the public eye in a personal and unique way. The rewards are then doubled, bringing in profit for the book and for the business. So far, in only 18 months of operation, their author list has exploded from 35 to nearly 300, so interested entrepreneurs need to get on board while there is still room in this quickly expanding market.

Who’s Who Magazine

Franchisees with Who’s Who Magazine publish a bi-monthly community Who’s Who Magazine that lists and details the best businesses and non-profit organizations in the area. This is a home business perfect for the entrepreneur who’s good with people, because the majority of the work is building longstanding business relationships with local owners who will be featured in the magazine. It’s a good source of advertising for the companies that make the list, a great source of income for the franchisee, and an excellent way to get people out into their community. And best of all, the franchisee is fully supported by central staff. Whether he’s unsure how to lay out the cover or how best to advertise his product, there are people available five days a week to help, so he doesn’t have to come to the franchise with experience in the industry, just the desire to succeed.

Homes & Land Magazine

For nearly 35 years, this publishing franchise has been the most respected source of real estate advertisement available, both in print and online. Each year 340 franchisees distribute 63 million magazines to their various territories around the US and Canada, a more than impressive franchise feat that results in massive revenues for both franchisees and their clients. From the outset of going into business with Homes & Land Magazine, franchisees are immediately thrust into their local real estate market, regardless of whether they have previous experience in the industry or not. They are taught the trends and statistics, best methods of marketing, and even how to simply set up their offices. There are constant sources of ongoing support through whatever may befall the business or the local housing market, and because the publication is so well known, there is likely to be immediate business.

Though the publishing world seems like an impossible market to crack into without any previous experience, the nature of franchised business once again proves to make the difference. Because the franchisor knows everything there is to know about whatever specific facet of the industry their franchises specialize in, the franchisee must only show up with a willingness to learn, execute, and succeed. Regardless of what skills you bring to the table, you too can profit from the massive publishing industry.

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