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05 18th, 2018

Submitted by: Silk Fabric

Silk satin is a luxury fabric made from silk with a satin fabrics finish. It has a floating appearance which drapes very well, especially for formal wear. The fabric is also extremely lightweight, and it has a glossy appearance and extremely soft texture and are visually very natural luster on the tactile feel smooth, delicate, drape well, no rough feeling. In all kinds of real silk varieties, taking the relatively good performance, have the advantage of satin fabric wrinkle and smooth and soft features,a rather shiny and reflective look to it. due to the way the silk is woven, the front of the fabric carries a satin like gleaming and shimmering look. You’ll find that satin is among the more expensive types of silk weave.satin is often put to use in lingerie and of course for evening gowns. A long flowing satin evening gown stands out as the height of elegance. the white satin can dyeing/batik/digital printing/screen printing/silk painting/tie dye/fabric painting process to increase the value of it. a full of vitality, show natural beauty of the natural fabric, with its seductive charm to attract consumers enjoy happy,finished garments comfortable to wear gorgeous, not only show temperament elegant free and easy, but also adds seductive charm, with the current popular taste clothes. especially after printing products, particularly charming, better visual effects.

The luster and delicate hand make satin suited to lingerie, flowing evening gowns, and drapery blouses. bridal gowns sometime use silk satin, however, the fabric does not hold a shape well, so it is not used for full, flared skirts; the satin tends to cling and hang against the body. It is best suited to a more fluid, slinky bias cut, and is too fragile and flimsy for more tailored clothing. Its uses in menswear include the lining of jackets and slacks, handkerchiefs, Shirts, pajamas,ties, and underwear such as silk satin boxer shorts. Made especially for nightwear and bedding. direct contact with human skin, bringing unimaginable silky feel to the skin.

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Since the weft fabric plus a hard twist, so washed shrinkage is relatively large, gloss decline after launching,satin dry cleaning is recommended. can be washed, but the need to use a neutral soap and synthetic detergent or soap flakes, first with hot water to melt the soap to be cooled after dipping into all the clothes, then gently scrub, washed with water drift net.when cleaning, if they can add a little vinegar in the water, silk clothing color guangyan bright.

Because silk satin fabrics resistance to sunlight is poor, so when drying clothes negative out, placed in the shade, dry to 80% dry, then use medium temperature ironing, can be kept constant clothes shiny, not iron clothes positive spray to avoid water stain marks.

There are many other less frequently used types of weaves which can be found in silk fabrics. some of these include brocade,canvas, crinkle,crepe, faille ribbed, sheer crepe and matalasse . each has it’s own properties making it useful for specific types of applications.for more information on silk, please contact us.

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By Alyssa Davis

Are you tired of being stuck in the kitchen cooking while your guests and family enjoy time together in the adjacent room? If so, you may want to consider opening a kitchen wall to create a pass-through. Pass-throughs are an area of the wall that has been cut out the kitchen and the adjacent room to create a window-like opening. They are rather easy for the experienced do-it-yourself homeowner to tackle, but there are definite pros and cons, as well as safety issues to consider.

The Benefits of Opening a Kitchen Wall to Create a Pass-Through

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The benefits of creating a pass depends on how you use your home. If you entertain a lot or like to feel connected to those in the next room, a pass allows you to do that. It opens up both rooms and creates a lighter and airier floor plan. Pass-throughs also allow cooks to pass food easily from one room to the next. They are relatively inexpensive to create if the right wall is chosen for the pass-through design.

The Drawbacks of Opening a Kitchen Wall to Create a Pass-Through

It may seem like there are no drawbacks to creating something that opens and lightens up a room. Unfortunately, just like with any home improvement project, there are always drawbacks to changing the structure of a wall. With a pass-through, the biggest drawback is that both rooms will be significantly altered to accommodate the length and height of the opening. It can be less hassle in a living room or dining room where wall cabinets do not come into play, but in a kitchen the location of existing cabinets and appliances can make all the difference. If your kitchen is limited for space and there is really no wall that is not being used by cabinetry or a large appliance, a pass-through may prove to be more difficult to install than it is worth. Another drawback is that it limits the privacy of each room. No longer can you have a private conversation with female guests in the kitchen while the men are watching a sports game. With a pass-through, conversations are bound to be overheard from both locations.

Safety Issues

Cutting into the drywall and creating an opening is not as simple as it may sound. Be sure to check for any existing electrical cords or plumbing that may be running through the wall in the location where the pass-through will be located. Cutting into the existing drywall will be a messy business and you do not want to start, only to find that you have to patch the wall because a pipe is running along that area. Also be careful that the spot where you cut is not a load bearing wall for the house. If you are concerned about removing the wall studs, consult with a professional builder and consider hiring a contractor to install support joists if needed at the top of the pass-through.

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By Janet R.

Indeed, you don’t want to spend the first few months of your married life paying debts made during your wedding preparations. This is one major reason why today’s bride and groom-to-bes are wise and thrifty enough on spending their wedding budget, and they are very careful with what to spend on. There are several areas of the wedding where you can save some extra dollars on.

Personalized Decorations. You can save money on your decorations by having your own creation displayed in your wedding reception. It can also add a personal touch to the celebration. For instance if you and your partner is a painter or photographer, you may use some of your artisan collection as the main subjects for the reception design. You may also use them as your wedding invitation and keepsakes. You may also consider the cost of church decorations. You may want to check if there will be another couple that will get married on the same day. They may want to coordinate what decorations can be used for both wedding ceremonies to lessen the need to change decorations before or after the wedding and to split the cost.

Go For Rent. There are may wedding supplies which can be rented, from wedding outfits, car to decorations. After all, these items will be used once only, so you may not need to buy brand new ones and spend a lot of your budget. For instance, most of the items that will be used for decorations will not be used again. These include the centerpieces, the vases, the arc way and artificial flower arrangements. You may ask other people’s advices and suggestions for options to rent these pieces.

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Save Money On Wedding Menu. You can cut down the cost of your wedding reception by serving food that doesn’t cost you a fortune. If you belongs to a family that have a good taste on food and have the skill to cook as good as the iron chefs, then gather all of them in your kitchen and have some fun time cooking, tasting and laughing. Or perhaps if this is not the case, you may inquire with cooking and culinary art schools. They may agree to cater for your reception for just the price of each food, or perhaps, a little more. You may also consider a pot luck reception by asking family members and close friends to cook and bring their own dish. You can also cut down the cost of your reception by of course not inviting too many people. You may only invite the people during your engagement party. Usually, only cocktails and hors d’oeuvres are served, which cost less than the full set of meals for the wedding reception guests.

Consider Local College Band Or DJ. For the music, you can have these people entertain your wedding. You may opt to play your favorite songs downloaded from the Internet during the reception.

Others. Other cost-cutting ideas to save money on you wedding is by giving out affordable wedding favors such as cookies, candies, mints and chocolate wedding favors. You may also choose to make your own favors. There are DIY wedding favors kits available in many craft stores and wedding shops. You don’t have to spend a fortune also to give gifts for your wedding attendants. Why not give inexpensive bridesmaids gifts and groomsmen gifts? There are lots of affordable ideas for these people, all you need to have is an enough time for shopping.

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