byAlma Abell

Having your breasts removed, be it for a current health reason, or as a preventative measure, is a huge deal, and should not be taken lightly. This surgery can have a lasting effect on your confidence, and may even cause you to question your femininity. Most people that have experienced a mastectomy have also heard of the common myths associated with it. Here are some of them that are often repeated, but not true for most women that go through this surgery.

You Won’t Feel Sexy


It’s been said that removing your breasts will cause you to feel less sexy about yourself. While this may be true for some women, there are countless others who not only continue to feel sexy after the surgery, but actually feel sexier than before. This assumption is a simple myth that you shouldn’t worry with. Breasts are only part of what makes a woman attractive and sexy.

Your Clothing Won’t Fit

There’s no need to worry about getting a whole new wardrobe. There are mastectomy camisoles and bras and accessories that will accommodate a variety of different sized breast forms. You can keep your same clothing if you want, or purchase a few new pieces. Either way, getting the surgery does not mean you’ll need to start from scratch with your shirts and blouses.

You Won’t Feel Normal

Feeling normal can be a challenge when you first have the surgery, but to say that you’ll never feel normal again is simply not true. Many women are just as comfortable in their bodies without their breasts as they were before the surgery. If you’re worried about this, then you should know that part of feeling normal is accepting your new appearance and having a great support system in place.

Feeling normal, sexy, and looking good in your old clothes is more than possible after having a mastectomy. You don’t need to believe these myths, in fact, you can make it your mission to debunk them. Feeling sexy is as easy a buying as mastectomy camisole , and taking a good look in the mirror. You may find that you haven’t changed much at all, and that the same qualities that made you vibrant, confident, and attractive before the surgery, are still alive and present.