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Do you dab on a little extra cologne or aftershave before you head to your best friends house? Do you spend a little more time on your outfit than you should? Unless you have unrequited feelings for your best friend, your brain is focused on how can I seduce my best friends mom. Lucky for you the May-December romance is still in fashion and with a few helpful tips, you can stop stuttering and make your move.

I know, youre thinking theres no way I can seduce my best friends mom, but youre wrong. Older women dig younger guys, but not just any younger guy; you have to be mature and smooth to seduce your best friends mom. The first step you need to take is learning to relax. Next time you see your best friends mom, look her right in the eyes and say Hello, Lisa. Only call her Lisa if thats her actual name, but the point is to be confident. Calling her by her name rather than Mrs. Jakes Mom, will allow her to view you as a man, instead of her sons best friend.

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Seducing any mom takes some getting used to, but seducing your best friends mom will require some getting used to. To get comfortable with this, you may even have to convince yourself. Try this exercise before you see her again; look in the mirror and say, Im going to seduce my best friends mom. Repeating this will get you used to the idea, and the possibility that it can actually happen.

Once youre comfortable calling her by her first name, stop by when you know your best friend wont be around. Shell open up to the idea of getting involved with her sons best friend is if shes comfortable with it. The only way she will be comfortable is if she can get to know you, without her son around. Since seducing a mom is considered the big leagues, youll have to bring your A game. Bring flowers or a nice bottle of wine, and tell her you were just thinking about her when you saw the gift. This gesture and that line will show her how mature and attentive you are.

Once you have developed a relationship with her on a different level, and you have proven yourself to be a mature man, you can move on to the next step. This next step would be to up your game and actually try to make a move on her in a romantic way. Make sure that you respect her while you attempt this, because no matter where it goes, you dont want it to end up bad.

You could start with just simply trying to get her attention and flirt with her to see where it could all lead. If she does show signs of interest, then go ahead and try to kiss her. Remember though she is experienced and will expect a mature and appropriate kiss. Kissing can make it all happen, so be prepared, confident, and relaxed. Dont rush anything and above all else, respect her, her words, her wants, and her needs.

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