byAlma Abell

Are you missing teeth and finding it increasingly difficult to feel comfortable in your appearance? Many people with missing teeth also find it difficult to be able to eat certain foods. Depending on how many teeth you have missing, this could make a big impact in your nutrition. Thankfully, there are now different options available to help people who are missing teeth. One of the most promising forms of treatment allows for a permanent replacement for your teeth, so you can feel confident and have a fully functioning smile again. Through Implant Dentistry, you will no longer have to deal with this embarrassing issue.

How Can Your Dentist Replace Your Missing Teeth?

If you make the decision you want to have Implant Dentistry carried out, you will first need to meet with your dentist, to see if you are a good candidate. Since you will need to have surgery to have your implants put in, the dentist will need to be sure you are in good health. Once your procedure has been scheduled, the dentist will give you instructions for the day of your procedure, so you will know when to stop eating and what medications to avoid. It is important you follow these instructions, so your procedure will proceed as safely as possible.

To have your implants put in, will require a two-part process. The first part is the surgery to have your anchors put in. After these titanium anchors have been put into place, you will need to heal thoroughly before the next phase can begin. For most people, this will take about three to four weeks. Once you have completely recovered, this means the anchors have become a permanent part of your jawbone and can now hold your new teeth securely.

Today’s dental implants are able to provide teeth that look, feel and perform like natural teeth. These become a permanent part of your smile, so you can have complete function. If you are interested in having dental implants put in, contact the office of Dr. George Braithwaite, DMD and schedule your appointment, so your smile can be restored.