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Daniel Mummski

With so much national news about the many real estate market areas in the doldrums many people are surprised to learn that there are areas that have survived intact through the down turn over the past few years. It was speculation and overbuilding that spurned price instability in most of the areas that are now suffering. Clearlake on the other hand, has remained up until now, one of the state of Texas’s best kept secrets in real estate.

A Diversifying Economy


For years the Johnson Space Center was the economic base of the Clearlake area and it tended to shelter the local population economically from financial fluctuations that plagued many other areas of the country. In recent years however; the economy of Clearlake has began to diversify with an expanding specialty chemical industry and tourism, both providing an increasing number of well paying jobs for the local community.

A Broad Price Range

So, while other real estate markets around the country floundered, the Clearlake market has continued on with measured, steady growth. Clearlake Texas features a broad price range to select from for the home shopper, ranging from homes in its many exclusive gated communities, to fixer uppers in the outlying areas. While some of these areas have seen better times, others are on the way up due to boosts from recent community renewal projects.

Purchasing Distressed Properties

Purchasing a fixer upper is no different in Clear Lake then it is in any other area of the country. The first thing that you will want to look at is the neighborhood to see if it is improving or degrading. The two best ways to do this is to stop and talk to local merchants and get their opinions, as they are the people who are going to most observant of how their local are is doing economically. The other way is to go to check with the proper county agencies to see how property values have done in recent years.

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