What Is A Graphing Calculator?

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A graphing calculator is used widely in high school math classes such as Algebra and Trigonometry. This is like a computer that does not only solve simple addition and subtraction, but it also solves proofs, find derivatives and plot graphs as well. A graphing calculator can solve multiple equations at one time, reading lines of text, and be programmed for gaming.

How to use a graphing calculator:

1. Familiarize the keypad of a graphing calculator. Its keypad is similar to a phone keypad wherein it contains both numbers and letters. If you press the Alpha key which is located in a different place on different types of models of graphing calculators, you may access to the letter keys. A graphing calculator also has an On and Off button, unlike the ordinary calculator.

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2. Locate the exponent button on your graphing calculator. This key is one of the calculator s most functional features as it will quickly and easily let you find any numbers to any exponent. You may even use letters to enter and replace the value for X to the N exponent, which is a helpful trick when writing out variable equations.

3. Look for the Y= button, which is usually found alongside the top of the graphing calculator beneath the screen. This key will let you enter equations that can be made into graphs. One example of a Y= equation that will have an output of a graph is Y= 5X + 8Y. You are also allowed to use the Y= button to enter multiple equations, thus multiple graphs on the very same axis.

4. Next thing you should do is locate to locate the Graph button to eventually graph the equation mentioned earlier. This key is usually found next to or near the Y= button just below the screen of the graphing calculator. This will attach any equations you have entered in the grid and will now draw graph line through it correctly. Most calculators also contain zoom buttons which will allow you to scroll close to the graph or further away as necessary. Click on the Y= button again to return to the equation view.

5. Graphing calculators contain contrast and brightness buttons. Graphing calculators are more complex than a normal calculator. You are allowed to maneuver saturation and brightness to a level that is comfortable to your vision. If you want to make reading graphs easier and clearer, consider making the screen darker than its default setting.

While there is a lot more to do besides the steps mentioned above, you re going to find that you re going to almost want to take a class to learn about one, since they are so advanced. There are many brands, as well as calculators out there. You re going to find that the TI (Texas Instruments) are going to be your best bet when it comes down to purchasing one.

Learn the ropes about one, and you re going to find that you can do a lot with your Math class. Just be sure to check with your college to ensure that you can use one!

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