Submitted by: Shawn Graaff

The South African Real Estate market has always been divided by niches according to lifestyle. The lifestyle you are looking to lead it often a deciding factor for your property purchase. Many times people view a property by placing their furniture in the lounge, seeing their clothes in the closets, and most importantly taking a sneak peak at the kind of life they would lead while in that home.

Homes and flats can often be sub-divided into classic, modern, character, ultra-modern, etc. and people are naturally drawn to that which embodies the lifestyle they are looking to create in that space. While its important to connect with a property before acquisition, its just as important to connect with the area that it is in.

Retirement is on the horizon for us all and is a unique opportunity for people to actually choose autonomously where they will reside. You are no longer bound by distance to work constraints, your childrens school, and the freeway traffic doesnt seem to play a huge role in your everyday life anymore. Retirement property decisions therefore are hugely empowering to the buyer as they enable them to really choose based entirely on lifestyle.


The single most important things to consider for retirement property purchases are: proximity to regular destinations, variety in activities, communal infrastructure, personal preference, long-term affordability and value retention. Plettenberg Bay property caters for all of these and thus makes it an ideal retirement home investment for just about anyone looking for a fantastic South African retirement lifestyle.

Plettenberg Bay property has a lot on offer, ranging from huge family homes to small lock-up and go flats, and with the South African real estate market being in the current state that it is, what better time than now to finally buy the home of your dreams? Plett, as its affectionately called by many, has just about every property option and in an area thats been loved by many for retirement.

Plettenberg Bay is one of the few places in South Africa where you can be centrally located on the Garden Route, have an extensive range of activities at your fingertips, dine in style at wine farms and coastal cafes, and reside in a property that is perfect for you. In Plettenberg Bay property, you really can have it all.

In addition to independent living in Plett, retirees that require assisted living options are never limited to the plethora of activities and vistas that are easily accessible by most. With more days of sunshine than any other South African coastal town, its a great motivator for its residents to go outside and engage with the community and natural beauty of the area, thus enabling retirees to lead a more active and stimulating life.

Another important aspect for retirement property is Infrastructure – it can be more difficult for retired residents to sort out problems with electricity, water, and sewage; not to mention, Plettenberg has a relatively low crime rate with most of it consisting of petty crime which is dealt with by a solid law enforcement presence.

If youre looking for a safe and sound retirement property investment thats as appealing as any premier location offering South African real estate, then you can be sure that Plettenberg Bay property will be the right choice!

About the Author: Shawn Graaff is a Professional Copywriter and writes on various topics. Plan your next South African real estate purchase or sale carefully by doing your research and talking to people who specialize in property in areas such as the ever popular Plettenberg Bay.


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