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Submitted by: Robert Kelly

Silver seems to be in with a capital i . More and more people are turning away from the expensive spectrum of jewellery like gold & platinum set with diamonds or other precious stones in favour of rhodium plated silver set with cubic zirconia s and other semi precious stones. The process of rhodium plating has given silver a whole new look, but most people do not even know what rhodium is. Rhodium is from the platinum family of precious metals and is one of the rarest elements on earth! Rhodium is bright white in colour and extremely hard making it ideal for jewellery plating as its very scratch resistant. Rhodium has been used for the last few years to plate silver jewellery as it is very resistant to corrosion, so will protect your silver from tarnishing. The rhodium gives silver a shine that looks like white gold or platinum and with it still being a precious metal it means that you are not compromising with quality, just saving money. Rhodium plating or “platinum enhanced sterling silver” as it’s sometimes known, means that your silver will not go dull and grey like silver items from previous generations, but instead will sparkle brightly like platinum.

Major fashion houses like Tiffany are producing some stunning lines in rhodium plated silver, along with other major designers like Gucci and Christian Dior. When rhodium plated jewellery is combined with semi precious stones, you get a very desirable look at a very affordable price. This allows people to change their jewellery much more frequently than before due to the affordability and wear it without the great fear of loss that we all have when wearing an expensive piece of jewellery. This also makes fantastic common sense as more and more of the countries police authorities advise against the wearing of any expensive jewellery when out in a busy place at night like London etc.

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The semi precious stones for next season have to be peridot and bright cubic zirconia, there is still a strong influence of men and women wearing cubic zirconia instead of diamonds. The quality of cubic zirconia are so good now it is very difficult to tell the difference between a CZ and a good quality diamond. For a fashion item why spend hundreds on a diamond when a CZ will cost a fraction of the price, look very much the same and do the same job?

The future of jewellery and in particular silver is rosy. Women will always want jewellery, and no woman will ever have enough earrings or rings in her jewellery box. Silver is becoming a more precious and scarce material. With modern manufacturing and high standards of machine jewellery rather than hand made items the versatility is not only promising but also a method to be watched intently.

About the Author: This article was written by R Kelly of iluvm Wholesale Jewellery specialising in wholesale silver jewellery with cubic zirconia (cz) and rhodium plating.


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Submitted by: Jay DeVincentis

Traders can learn a lot from professional gamblers

Black Jack Anyone?

As a trading coach, I spend a lot of time sitting down with traders going through every aspect of their trading to identify areas to help them. The first part of my analysis is to get a back ground and determine where they are on their educational curve.

Trading is a life long learning process. But the bulk of the learning is done in the first few years. In a few questions, I can determine your trading blueprint, figure out where you are along the process and more importantly, where the holes are and how to fill them.

I have clients on both ends of the spectrum. And have found the following issues as roadblocks to their success.

1)Trading too little money per position. Not allocating an appropriate amount of money means that your commissions will become a drag to your potential. Its difficult to be a short term swing trader and lose 5% on commissions alone, especially when youre targeting 10-15% short term returns.

2)Not properly identifying the trade parameters. Trading is as basic as identifying an entry point, a reason for entering there, a stop price (incase youre wrong) and a profit target (in case youre right). This is a starting point. If you cant do this, I cant get you to the next level where we develop each of these components of the trade.

3)Not analyzing your own trades enough. When you give me a list of your trades, the first thing I do is calculate the success rate and the amount of profit your making when youre right and the amount of losses you take when youre wrong (Thats the P:L Ratio). Its important for me to know if youre at a 20% success rate. Then I have to figure out why. Actually, you can be successful at 20% as long as your P:L ratio is good and thats the second component that I look at. The P:L ratio should ideally be 3:1. Ive seen it go down to 2:1 for ETF traders which works as you can trade ETFs with a higher success rate and put more money in ETFs to account for decrease in volatility.

4)Trade to trade well, not to make money. All too often, clients main focus is making money. This, unfortunately, leads them away from what they should really focus on learning how to trade well. Forget about the money. Just learn to trade. Learn everything you can about trading. Execute your trading plans accordingly. Trade well, and the money will follow. Trade to make money, and youre bound to fail.

Item # 3 brings me to the topic for today. Think of trade in terms of units. The units Im talking here are profit units and stop loss units. I can not place enough emphasis on the 3:1 Profit/Loss ratio. It is the basis for establishing a successful trading plan, whether or not youre a swing trader, break out trader, candle trader, or any type of trader.

How do you utilize the 3:1 ratio? Its very simple. First, you have to identify an entry point. This depends on how you trade. Since there are so many different styles of trading, we wont talk about that here. The second, but actually more important component is the profit objective. Where do you think the stock is going to go? Subtract your target from your entry and you have the profit potential. Divide the profit potential by 3, and thats your Loss potential. You take that number, subtract it from your entry point and thats where your stop needs to be.

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General rule of thumb in stock trading, you shouldnt give up much more than 9% as your stop when youre targeting 30% gains. Above that level, and youre going to make it difficult to recover depending on the % winners you achieve.

For example, if you sustain a 10% loss, it only takes an 11% gain to break even. If you sustain a 20% loss, it requires a 25% gain just to break even. And if you sustain a 50% loss, they it will require you to sustain a 100% gain, JUST TO BREAK EVEN. Not likely.

Percentage Gain To Break Even After A Loss

Percentage Gain Required

LossTo Break Even

– 10%11%

– 20%25%

– 33%50%

– 50%100%

– 75%300%

– 90%900%

Traders can learn a lot from professional gamblers. Gamblers, the profitable professional ones that do it for a living, not the weekend warriors, employ a similar money management strategy. Go to the table with their 1x units and look to gain 2-3x units. Once they gain their 3x units, they walk away with the profits. Or adjust their stop to protect their profits.

Think of it this way. If you go to a $10 black jack table, and bring $100 then youll have 10 units and the goal of making 30 units. Its like bringing 250 to a $25 dollar minimum table and looking to walk away with $750.

Gamblers, like traders, know losing is part of the game. They know there will be times when the cards work for them and against them. If youve ever gambled, you know the wins and losses come like a sine wave, where youll catch a wave of winning and then go on a string of losses.

Thinking in units also allows the gambler to remove the emotional attachment to money, and will make it easier to move from a $10 table, to a $25 dollar minimum table. Think of the chips in terms of units and follow your strategy. And at the end of the day, if youre up 30 units, you simply go cash them in and collect your $300 or your $750. Losing the emotional attachment allows you to follow your system better.

Gamblers also employ a time stop. You can only gamble for so long, and if you havent stopped out and havent hit your target, you eventually have to leave the table. Traders should also consider the same thing. If your money is sitting in a position and its not doing anything, then eventually, you have to consider exiting the position and put the money to better use elsewhere.

The stop units also have to be wide enough to allow for the normal number of losses youll experience playing black jack. If you bring 4 chips to the table, you can easily lose your 4 chips in 4 to 6 hands in a normal cycle. Go to the table with 10 chips, and you have some room to go through a down cycle and recover.

Same thing applies with your stock trades. If youre trying to gain 30%, you cant put a stop 2% below your entry point. Otherwise, youre bound to get stopped out so frequently, that you will never realize your target gains.

So there you have it. You can learn a lot from other traders and other professions like gambling. Elements of the two professions can go hand in hand and if youre a trader, it would actually benefit you to learn a little about gambling and if youre a gambler, you may find yourself well suited for trading in the stock market.

Black Jack anyone?

So Im heading to Vegas and Im thinking about playing Black Jack Sure I know how to play. But not really sure I know how to play from a gambling point of view. So I seek out any information I can.

Thats just my personality, I cant do something without learning almost everything I can before I even try. Im not going to jump on a table and think I know how to play. That would be foolish. (I wouldnt do it in trading as well)

Its something I learned early on in life. Theres no need to reinvent the wheel. Almost anything you want to do has been done before and there is information out there on how to do it correctly.

So I jump on the internet and filter through the hundreds of sites designed to sell you their methodology and find a few sites that give away the information for free. Without getting into the details, basically you play your hand based on your hand and more importantly, what the dealer has. Theres a decision grid, depending on whether youre playing a single deck or a multi deck table. You pretty much have to memorize it.

Fortunately, my friend Paul, whose birthday were out there celebrating in the first place, brought a book on Black Jack. So I read the book at the pool before we begin to gamble.

What was most interesting to me (and something Ive written about at length) was that the book described gambling just as I would describe trading. You go to the table with a limited amount of money that you can afford to lose. If you lose it, youre done and you walk away for the day. Also, like a profit target on a stock trade, you also walk away with a certain amount of winnings.

Interesting thought to treat gambling as you would in trading and have a stop price (the amount you go to the table with), have an entry price figuring which hands to hit, stay, double down, etc., and then having a profit target so you walk away with your winnings instead of doing what many do get greedy and lose all their profits

So howd the Vegas trip go? Other than the stuff that happened in Vegas that stayed in Vegas, the gambling went well. The first day, I was down quite a bit and close to my stop level. But I managed to claw my way back to just above break even.

The second day was my big winning day. In fact, I won enough to cover my gambling for another day. So the third day I went to the table with some of my profits and the goal to just enjoy myself. I may have lost a few dollars, but I had a great time at the table, I made a few friends and had a few drinks.

Ok, I dont recommend drinking with trading (or gambling for that matter if you want to do it right). So its a good thing the market isnt open at night Well, the stock market at least, theres always the futures market.

About the Author: Jay DeVincentis is President of

Investment research Group, Inc.

and founder of, a financial newsletter advisory

. Jay has been advising his clients what stocks and options to buy and when for over 10 years. He is a market timer, a stock trader, a day trader and a stock investor who conducts

online stock trading courses.


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By Janet R.

The date is set and it’s the time for you to get started with your wedding plan. The success of wedding is evidently in accordance on how you plan and organize all your wedding elements. Yes, it is true that a wedding calls for an extreme preparation, from the church decorations to the reception details. When you plan your wedding ornaments, it is important to pay special attention to the detail itself. A choice of wedding ornaments can make or break the entire celebration. It should be a reflection of what you and your partner’s views about your wedding.

A good choice of wedding ornaments should have colors that complement each other, similar with the wedding back drop. They can obviously give special effects to the entire wedding, and help create a special atmosphere to the celebration. Many of us tend to hire wedding experts which can create a better plan, especially when it comes to wedding decorations. However if your are creative enough, you can always do it on your strategy.

Flowers. Very basic ornaments in any types of wedding are flowers, especially white flowers that can give an elegant effect. There are different types of flower arrangements, textures and shades that are certainly makes a big difference. For white flowers as your main ground, you can mix other light shades of green or blue for a refreshing touch. White flowers can be also incorporated with other colors that are used in the entire wedding However, the mixing of flower colors should complement your desired wedding theme. Example, if you opt for a Fall wedding theme then the flowers should have deep and rich colors. You can pair similar colors but make sure that the shades are contrasting, such as light shade of pink to fuchsia, light yellow to golden yellow or lavender to deep purple.

YouTube Preview Image

In the reception venue, you can incorporate flower arrangements behind chairs or centerpieces. When the reception is going to be held in a slight dimmer nighttime setting, you can use more dramatic colors of flowers, this idea is also perfect if there is a candle lit on the centerpiece. For bright outdoor wedding ideas, lighter colors are more appropriate.

Table Centerpieces. Apart from flower arrangements, centerpieces can enhance your reception venue. Centerpieces can make the area seem grander with large, elaborated effects. On the hand, simple ideas like single glass vase with one or more flowers, several small candles and little glass sculpture can make an enough fascination for a simple wedding celebration. There are other choices which makes it memorable like adding some personal touch such as couple’s photos, engrave names or monograms.

Tableware. Tablewares such as table cloths and napkins, wine glasses, cake knives and other serving set are very important to each table because that is where your guests will be spending most of their time during the reception. The choice for tablewares should complement to the entire reception appeal. If the table setting is quite elaborated already, a simple fabric as a table cover is enough. Then a silver or gold rimmed plates add a bit of subtle formality, and not to forget an elegant cut of crystals for your wine or champagne.

Party Favors. Party favors aren’t just for keepsake alone but these little ones can make a great decoration pieces especially on your table centerpieces. However, the favors should reflect on the type of the wedding you have, for instance, if it is going to be a beach wedding theme then you should choose beach wedding favors with some touch of seashells, white stones or sand. But if it is a formal type of celebration, then you can have glass coaster wedding favors, silver favors like silver plated picture frames, silver bottle opener, wine stopper and the like.

About the Author: Jnet is an author for a variety of lifestyle issues and topics including weddings. If you’re looking for

wedding ornaments

, visit the website and get some ideas. Get unique

wedding favors

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06 1st, 2018

By Lily Morgan

Keeping small children occupied can be a full time job. Try utilizing crafts and creative play time to encourage recreational learning while keeping them entertained. Whether its one child alone or an entire group to keep busy, there are more things to get kids started in crafts than youll be able to choose from. Be sure to try to plan your activities based on the average age of the children. It will make the process much easier for everyone involved.

A safe and easy craft that kids tend to find fascinating is origami. There are many levels of origami from the incredibly simple to the advanced type of folding. Purchase gift wrap from a craft store or local big box store. Its fun to let kids pick out the wrapping paper that they like. Even the local dollar or liquidation store will have plenty at a low price. Easy beginner origami can be found online with no trouble. Get involved by learning with your children as you go.

Paper plates have been a great craft accessory for years. Most of us can recall using them as children in school to make great things like masks or giant flowers. Supply kids with a stack of plates and additional decorative items like pipe cleaner, glue and markers. Its always fun to see what children will come up with when set loose with a stack of great materials and their imagination.

YouTube Preview Image

Make use of those old egg cartons by giving them to the kids for crafts. An egg carton caterpillar is fun to create. Cut the egg carton so that there is an entire row of egg slots to form the caterpillar body. Use pipe cleaner for antenna and then go crazy decorating the body however you like. This is a great one for younger kids since it involves little cutting. Be sure to always supervise and assist small children with the use of scissors.

One craft idea that will always be timeless is making holiday or birthday cards by hand. There is something so special about receiving a home made card from a child that cannot be beaten by any store bought version. Its a true keepsake that can be kept for many years as a part of a beautiful memory.

The options are virtually endless for crafts that are perfectly suited to smaller kids. Get them involved in reading by having them create their very own bookmarks. Use sturdy construction paper cut rectangular then let them do the rest with glitter, paint or beads. Have them make one in the style or theme of their favourite story. Pencil holders are also great and related to reading and writing. Decorate a can or wooden container tall enough to hold pencils. There really is no limit to what you can do.

Its important to prevent kids from developing extreme tendencies for electronics and TV. While those things are fine in moderation, its necessary to keep the brain active and stimulated. Crafts for kids are both fun and results in some pretty neat stuff.

About the Author: There are as many hobbies as there are people who enjoy them. Learn more about the popular hobby of building and collecting dollhouses and miniatures. Visit our large selection of

charming doll house kits

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By Michael Taylor

What do you need to day trade Emini : Hardware

Having a stable computer system is crucial to your trading success. Imagine what would happen if your computer hangs in the middle of a trade. What happens if you suddenly get disconnected from the internet? Accidents do occur and these scenarios are very possible, I have encountered an internet disconnection while trading. Such scenarios are potentially lethal to your trading especially when the market can move against you in a couple of minutes in the case of day trading.

Besides making sure that our equipment is up-to-date and reliable, care must also be given to the planning of a backup system. For example, I have 2 internet connections just in case one fails and I always have my laptop on standby should my PC hang in the middle of a trade. This section covers the necessary precautions and minimum set up you need to start trading. It is important to remind ourselves that making money through trading is our ultimate aim. It is easy to fall into the trap of delaying setting up your trading system because you want to fine tune your computer system. Have the basic reliable set up and get ready to go!

Although there are no hard and fast rules to your hardware configuration, I recommend the following minimum configuration.

CPU : at least 1GHz

Memory RAM : at least 512MB ( charting software is memory intensive)

YouTube Preview Image

Monitors: at least two 17 inch XVGA monitors (resolution of 1280 X 1024)

Graphics Card: Any graphics card capable to support 2 monitors, usually one monitor will be connected via analog cable and the other monitor connected via digital cable. Hence it is important that one of your monitors support digital output.

Internet Connection Cable or ADSL, try not to connect trough wireless since wireless connections are prone to instability.

A minimum of 2 high quality monitors is needed in order to display all the charts and order management screens. If you only have one screen, you might ALT-TAB in windows to switch between the different applications, however, there is not really much reaction time when the market is moving and I strongly recommend have at least 2 monitors to display all the necessary charts and applications.

What do you need to day trade Emini : Software

After the hardware set up all that remains is installing the appropriate softwares and you are ready to go. Although it is not a must, it is advisable to invest in antivirus softwares and firewall softwares such as Norton or Mcafee. The last thing you want to worry about is whether your system is infected or not.

Real time Data Provider

Day trading imposes stringent conditions on data providing services. Although there are a lot of free delayed quotes on the internet, a real time data provider is necessary. Usually the data will come together with software to display the data as candle sticks in real time. Some brokers provide real time data but lack the necessary software to display the data in a meaningful format.

Qcharts off good real time stock data with a state of the art charting software that you can run from your computer.

Novice traders should strart from the Qcharts subscription which costs $95/month. Besides this, you will also be required to subscribe to data from real time exchanges, for example, if you chose AMEX ($2/mth), NYSE ($2/mth),NASDAQ ($2/mth) and CME EMINI ($15/mth). This will constitute a total cost of $116/mth to Qcharts.

Interactive Brokers

There are many brokers out there in the market. Interactive Brokers which offers one of the cheapest commissions from trading Emini. ( $2.40 per trade) also offers good support and I have never failed to get a response from their help desk.

You will also be required to choose which market data to subscribe. For trading Emini, subscribe to US Securities and Commodities Bundle Non-professional – Level I which is free. However a charge of $10 will be imposed if the monthly commissions is below $30.

$2000 is the minimum required to open an account. However, a starting minimum of $5000 would be desirable, since IB restricts you from trading once your equity falls below $2000. IB provides several trading platforms including web based and downloadable software versions. The software version is more stable. One caveat here is that you need to install a Java plugin before you can run the software.

About the Author: Michael Taylor is a professional trader and webmaster of

He regular updates his trading blog at

with educational articles and trading records.


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