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Submitted by: Edwin M

Before planning your home gym workout program it is important that you choose the right style of home gym. There are 2 general types: the Olympic Free Weight style home gym and the selectorized plate models. The Olympic style home gym is more geared towards power lifting and body building. The selectorized home gyms are geared for a more relaxed workout environment and include self spotting safety mechanisms that Olympic systems do not include. This article will cover the 8 basic exercises that should be included when you are working out on a selectorized home gym such as the Body Solid EXM1500S.

First a few general rules:

Things to consider include your age, goals and your health. If you have had any health problems in the past or you are unsure if you are healthy enough to exercise then you must consult with your doctor prior to beginning a new fitness program.

Another general weight lifting rule to take into account is that you shouldn’t work the same muscle group more then 3 days in the same week, also never work the same muscle group without at least 24 hours rest in between workouts. For example: is you did the chest press on Monday wait until at least Wedneseday of that same week until you do the same muscle group exercise.

Use a weight amount that is comfortable. This means use enough weight that you will be able to finish all of your sets and reps. Keep in mind that it is most beneficial to not take more than a 30 second rest in between sets. This keeps your heart rate at an optimal rate and allows you to burn off some extra calories plus you also get the cardiovascular benefits.

Also, make certain that you maintain proper posture during your exercises in order to prevent injury and also so you will make the most of your workout. Bad form means you are not getting the maximum and desired benefit from your exercise program. The EXM1500S Body Solid Home Gym comes with a workout poster to assist you with this.

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That said lets take a look at a standard workout routine set up for 3 days per week. The days of the week are flexible but it is important that you implement your fitness program at least 3 days a week in order to see any noticeable improvements. Below I have outlined 8 exercises (plus warm up) that should be performed 3 days per week.

Monday – Wednesday – Friday

Pre workout warm up – I highly recommend that you spend 10-15 minutes stretching prior to beginning your weight lifting routine. This gets the blood flowing and will help prevent muscle strains. This is very important so don’t skip it!

1. Bicep Curls – using the low-pulley and low row bar do 4 X 8 reps of arm curls

2. Leg curls – using the leg curl station do 4 X 8 reps of standing leg curls this will give your hamstrings a good going over!

3. Leg Extensions – using the leg extension station do 4 X 8 reps of leg extensions this will give your quads a great workout!

4. Chest press: When using the EXM1500s home gym take advantage of the inner and outer peck hand positions. Do 2 sets of 8 reps using the inner pec hand position and 2 sets of 8 reps using the outer pec hand position. This will give you a thorough pec workout!

5. Upright rows – using the low-pulley bar do 4 X 8 reps of upright rows. This will give your trapezoids and deltoids a good workout!

6. Triceps push downs: Using the high pulley station do 4 sets of 8 reps starting with your forearms at 90 degree angles to your upper arms and pushing down towards your thighs until your arms are straight. Do not bend over, keep your back straight and be sure to use proper form.

7. Abdominal crunches – using the mid-pulley station perform ab crunches, 3 sets of 30 crunches.

8. Lats – Using the high-pulley and the lat bar do 4 sets of 8 reps using proper form with enough weight to be challenging but still stay in good form. This will give your lats and mid, upper back a good workout.

Get in the habit of working our 3 days per week and you will begin to see improvements in as little as a few weeks. Don’t forget that a proper diet is also a big part of maintaining a healthy standard of living, don’t just workout so you can eat junk food because this is counter productive! The EXM1500s Home Gym Equipment is a good entry level home gym and it facilitates over 30 exercises on a 160lb weight stack system. As you become more accustomed to the machine you will be able to customize your exercise routine to your own needs and preferences.

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Submitted by: Cory Frank

Window cleaning is a fundamental part of your home chores. It is one of the features that show how neat or dirty you are. It easily describes your personality. Regardless of how frequently you clean your windows, understand that the various types of windows in your home or your auto require different kinds of cleaning. Along these lines, in the event that you plan to clean your glass windows, the arrangement will not be quite the same as that of a vinyl dowager or tinted windows. In this way, it is vital that you know how to embrace the undertaking legitimately and securely. The following is the regulated guideline of how to clean the different kinds of windows:

Ways to Clean Your Glass Windows

Glass windows are the most widely recognized kind of windows that are used as a part of both advanced and conventional structures. In any case, since they are made of glass, you must be watchful because any unpleasant cleaning or improper handling will give your windows scratches and undesirable imprints which is definitely going to deface your precious window. Along these lines, to clean glass windows, you can settle on one of the business cleaning operators showcased for this reason. There are professionals who handle window cleaning in the Bay Area.

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You can likewise make your own particular window cleaner as well. Although, this will spare your cash spent on costly materials, it definitely will not be as professional as when handled by an expert window cleaning agent. Pick the arrangement that is promptly accessible to you and if you are handling it yourself, ensure that you clean your glass windows with a delicate wipe or delicate fabric to guarantee that there are no scratches.

Ways to Clean Your Vinyl Windows

In a case where you live in one of those houses which have vinyl glass, you must be cautious. Vinyl glass is amazingly convenient, especially for the modern houses on account of their substitution quality and their capacity to be taken out totally for cleaning purposes. In any case, the cleaning of vinyl glass is somewhat more technical than with glass windows. The explanation behind this is that these kinds of windows are not as scratch resistant as glass windows, in this way, hard to manage. In any case, you can make special window cleaner for vinyl windows too. Get yourself some oil soap, some dish detergent or soap, vinegar to do the window cleaning. A quality oil soap is important here on the grounds that it helps in disposing off those water spots that regularly form on your precious windows. In this way, clean the vinyl windows using soft cloth with these ingredients.

Ways to Clean Your Tinted Windows

Tinted windows in your office or care additionally require unique care in the way they are cleaned, particularly to hold the tint of the glass. You must make certain that you don’t utilize soaps that have ammonia because they are excessively strong for your tinted windows and can even to a large extent destroy the tint after continuous use. Along these lines, utilize a mild soap to clean your tinted windows and get marvelous, clean windows.

While you can try to see if you can handle the basic cleaning by yourself, the best way is to engage professionals whose it is to give your windows befitting ambience they deserve. In addition to Bay Area window cleaning, there are also Bay Area holiday lighting and Bay Area gutter cleaning that are available to help you.

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Submitted by: Cory Frank

Whether you are travelling for a formal business function or a stunning weekend vacation, it can be boring, totally unexciting if you are going in isolation. This same need is likewise one of the numerous reasons why services like escorts agency in Vancouver and escort agency in British Columbia have become a flourishing industry. Refined men, acclaimed celebrities and fulfilled government officials in and around British Columbia regularly call Vancouver escorts agency for expert and secret companionship services.

Firstly, the question here is the reason why men call escorts? Well, its not a difficult thing to unfold really. Vancouver escorts have a set of abilities that prove to be useful with whatever function a man will be strolling into. Here are some of the primary reasons why men call elite companions:

Enlightened and Smart

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Well trained high profile escorts Vancouver are refined ladies who are enlightened and keen. They can carry themselves in various circumstances and at high society occasions. At the point when going to an important supper date, her nearness can turn out to be instrumental in inspiring an imminent customer or even a superior or business accomplice. In addition, given that she is an enlightened individual, she can stand her ground in discussions, without humiliating anybody. One would not in any way try to go to such a vital supper with a clueless date, who knows next to nothing about one’s business, isn’t that so?

A More Intimate Interaction

When one goes on a vacation, whether it’s for a couple of weeks or just for a weekend, sightseeing, touring and networking with aides are basic activities. The issue with visit aides is that they can be indifferent, as they’re managing a gathering instead of only one individual. Touring alone can make one feel bored and desolate. Professional escorts, since they’re reserved to take into account one customer at once, can suit one’s needs at every point in time, and go with a noble man on his different exercises in the area. He can hope to be accommodated in the most personal way.

Exceptional Girlfriend Experience

Maybe a standout amongst the most significant reasons why men call escorts is on the grounds that these ladies offer a girlfriend affair one longs for. Whether a respectable man’s present relationship is inadmissible, or he essentially looks for an energizing new tryst, or he is excessively transfixed in business and cannot keep up a long relationship, the expert high class escort is the ideal arrangement.

The best point is that with an escort, one can appreciate girlfriend experience without the confusions of a genuine relationship. With an escort as a travel partner, you get to relish similar attention, care and companionship one appreciates with a genuine girlfriend minus the commitments and pressure of a relationship, for example, telephone calls, responsibilities, giving attention, being accessible, and so forth.

Individuals frequently conclude that men call escorts only for sex. Truly, these escort women give a wide array of services; its not just a sex affair alone. Next time you need a little break, book a supper date with a lovely elite escort or travel companion, and over a tolerable time allotment, see what unfolds. You might be more amazed than you might think. It takes an outstanding lady to be effective as an elite escort, and she’ll be all yours.

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Submitted by: Anthony Malibu

Every break up has the potential for reconciliation. Whether or not you get your boyfriend back depends on what you do, when you do it, and how you interpret his signs of interest. Knowing how your ex feels about you can go a long way toward getting him back. And if your ex boyfriend still talks to you? You need to realize what it means.

Any time an exboyfriend keeps in touch with you after breaking things off, it’s a sign that he’s not ready to let go. Although he may have ended the relationship, your ex still wants the option to change his mind. Keeping the lines of communication open is an easy way for him to get his foot back in the door, should he decide he wants you back.

In the meantime however, your ex also wants you to stand still. He doesn’t want you going anywhere right now – losing you to someone else is a worst-case scenario for you. When a guy still has feelings for you, he might lead you on from time to time… giving you signs that he’s still interested. But the longer you let him string you along? The longer you’re actually going to prolong the break up.

If you’re sitting around wondering why your ex boyfriend still talks to you, the best thing to do is ask yourself the following questions:

What kind of written or email communication have you had with your ex boyfriend since he broke up with you?

Some guys will walk away without a word. Others will feel the need to write stuff down. What your ex says when he says goodbye can determine whether or not he’s leaving for good.

One of the more common things a guy will do when he’s not sure he wants to lose you is write out an apology letter. In it, he accepts some or all of the blame for breaking up. The real reason you got such a letter is simple: your ex wants to part on good terms. Even though he knows you’ll be upset or even angry that he broke up with you, apologizing is his way of softening the blow and leaving the door open for a future relationship. This is a sure sign that he still loves and wants you, but may not be ready to jump back into your romance just yet.

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An even bigger indication that your ex is thinking about you: getting unsolicited cards or flowers on your birthday. When your ex boyfriend remembers your birthday even after you’ve broken up, you can be sure you’re still stuck in his head.

An ex who’s writing little more than emails and text messages, and who’s only making small talk? That’s okay for a while. Eventually however, you’ll need to amp up the level of intimacy during your communication. One of the best ways to do this is by using reinsertion techniques to remind him of the great times you once shared together. Learning how to place yourself back in your ex boyfriend’s heart again is a critical part of winning him back.

Does your ex ever talk about the “good old days” when you were together?

An ex boyfriend who keeps bringing up the good times you had together is an ex boyfriend who can’t let go. He’s still got feelings for you, and is weighing your recent relationship against memories from the past. If you’re wondering why my ex boyfriend still talks to me… it’s because of these feelings.

The things you did, places you went, and happy times you had together are what defined you as a couple. Time has the tendency to heal all wounds, and bad memories tend to fade faster than good ones. Over a long enough period, both you and your ex will remember only the good things you did together – strengthening the bonds between you.

The more often your ex brings up the past, the more he’s thinking about it. But the biggest indication that your ex still loves you and may be ready to get back together occurs when he starts blaming you for the break up. He can’t help but do this; he wants you back, but accepting blame for the end of the relationship makes it harder to piece things back together. Therefore, he tries to drag you into the blame game… even though he knows you’re not at fault.

Any time your ex boyfriend takes steps in your direction, you need to be encouraging. Many women can actually sabotage their own efforts to get back with an exboyfriend because they’re too quick to assign blame as an ex is trying to approach them. Try not to do this, or your ex may take it as a sign you’re rejecting his advances.

Exactly how did your boyfriend break things off with you?

Some guys will break up with you without giving a concrete reason. But if your boyfriend did sit you down for this type of talk, his reasons for ending the relationship can have a huge bearing on the future of ever dating him again.

When a guy flat out tells you he’s not interested in seeing you anymore, it’s about the worst it can get. Either he’s being brutally honest and lacks some class, or he’s angry at how things have turned out. In either case, you have your work cut out for you if you want him back. This is an uncommon way to break things off, but it does happen.

An ex who suggests that each of you would be better off with someone else already has that person in mind. Your ex is setting you up for a few days or weeks later, when you find out he has a new girlfriend. He’s trying to cover his ass, because now he can point back to your conversation and say “Well we already discussed seeing other people” – a cowardly way out, but at least he’s being semi-honest with you.

When your boyfriend “wants space”, he’s not sure what he wants. Half of him wants to still be with you, and the other half is wandering off. You need to act quickly here, if you want to keep him interested.

If fighting and arguing was a key part of your break up, this can actually be good news. Fiery relationships can be passionate, and your ex may still rely heavily upon seeing you. Immaturity however, and constant bickering over little things? That can really destroy your romance. If the fighting has been spread out over a long period of time, it’s probably not a good sign.

Finally, when your ex asks for a break instead of a break up? He’s not ready to lose you just yet. Ideally, he wants you to stay put while he figures out if there’s anyone better for him out there. The best thing you can do is not stay put, and force your exboyfriend to make a choice by giving the appearance that you yourself are ready to move on. When your ex realizes you’re not going to wait around forever, that’s when he’ll make immediate moves to get you back.

About the Author: There are 8 Individual Steps that will

Get Back Your Ex Boyfriend

, so find out what they are! The quicker you start on the road to reversing your break up, the faster you can be

dating your ex



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02 13th, 2018

Submitted by: Eric Bernard

Have you got a brand new phone recently? And have you been trying really hard not to scratch or drop it accidentally? Find it frustrating that the harder you try, the more difficult it is becoming? Welcome the mobile phone case to your life. Like everything else that has to do with mobile phones, the variety you can choose from is mind numbing. Protecting your phone from those scratches, dents and bumps is really not that hard anymore.

The Tough Shell Case

Tough shell Mobile Phone Cases are the new rage. Made from tough polycarbonate, a shell case will fit your phone like a glove. At the same time it will allow you to access all the functions on your phone without having to take it out of the shell. What s more, the perfect fit ensures that it does not look like you have a cover thereby keeping intact the looks that you probably fell for.

Plastic and leather phone cases

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Plastic mobile phone cases are still very popular which means there is a quite a variety to choose from. Back covers in interesting colours, crystal clear cases which are sensitive so that they can be used with touch phones and fascias that add life to your old phones are the options to choose from. Leather adds that touch of elegance and class and has been known to be the most effective against radiation. The executive wallet case, flip case/pouch, slip in cases, pouches or phone socks, holders that can be attached to the belt and pull up slip in pouches all come in leather.

Silicon and Rubbe

Silicon or rubber mobile phone cases are the answer if you are looking for well fitting soft cases that retain the shape of the phone. Your chance of damaging the phone case is less and also offers you a wide variety in terms of colour and design when compared to a plastic case. Back covers, pouches, skin cases, sili crystal cases if you want the clear see through finish and covers that have sporty tire designs or the more feminine flower and butterfly designs in an assortment of colours are made from rubber and more commonly silicon.

Which one is yours?

So what are you waiting for? From genuine/generic spares that allow you to fix just about any issue with your phone to phone accessories that range from Bluetooth devices to little stickers that can spice up your boring old phone, the world of accessories spoil you with choice. Just remember to pick the one that is right for you.

Generic mobile phone accessories

Generic spares come in handy when you want to keep the expense low or the accessory that you are looking for is no longer available. The standard range of products includes batteries, chargers, keypads and fascia. Portable speakers are perfect when you want loud music on the move. These tiny little pieces of engineering marvel produce outstanding sound quality when you consider their size. Handsfree headsets are the most convenient when you are doing something and don t have a hand free to hold on to the set, as the name suggests. USB data cables and blue tooth dongles come in handy if you are looking for devices to transfer data from a computer to your phone. Stylus pens are another must have phone accessory for touch phones. Memory cards help increase the memory of your phone so you can store as many mp3 s and pictures as you want. Other mobile phone accessories include non slip mats for the dashboard, phone holders, sim backup devices, card readers, stereo audio adapters, screen protectors and stickers.

About the Author: Eric Bernard is the Marketing Maneger of

a company having a huge collection of phone accessories, mobile phone cases and iPhone 3G Mobile Phone Cases.


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CAD Drafting Services – Digitise IT


ritu gupta

DIGITISE IT offers Computer Aided Design (CAD), 3D Visualization and Modeling services to a growing global customer base.

Our services are used by a variety of companies across the globe, to name a few Power companies, Building Utility Contractors, Property developers, Architects, Town Planning Consultants, Building Construction companies or Property Developers, Property Marketing agencies, Reprographic companies, Oil & Gas infrastructure and planning, Chemical industries, Ship building companies, Water and Sewage infrastructure companies and Treatment consultants..

We continue to deliver with high standards and meet our customer needs each time. This singularly, is the vindication of our Customer relationship management and satisfaction.

At Digitise IT, we align our operations with our customers working hours, thereby maximizing your convenience. This works to the advantage of overseas customers, ensuring project co-ordination during customers working hours and project implementation, even during their non-working hours.

Digitise IT has extensive CAD Drafting experience spanning wide spectrum of Engineering domains Architectural, Architectural MEP detailing, Structural and Fabrication drawings as well as Mechanical Parts and Assembly drawings.

In addition, Digitise IT has undertaken extensive amount of work in CAD drafting of Piping and Instrumentation (P&I) diagrams, Electrical Schematics, Ship construction drawings, Water and sewage treatment plant drawings and GIS mapping.

Digitise IT ensures creation of accurate CAD drawings, as per ISO, AIA or customer defined CAD drafting with specifications of scale, dimensions, dimensions styles, font styles, layers and symbols.

YouTube Preview Image

Digitise IT offers CAD Drafting services using different CAD platforms AutoCAD, BricsCAD, SketchUP Pro, MicroStation, SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer, Solid Edge and EPLAN.

DigitiseIT CAD drafting Skill set includes

Architectural Plans, elevations and sections (paper to CAD conversion)

Plans, elevation and sections design stage drawings for Architects, from sketches received

MEP drawings HVAC, Electrical, piping and plumbing, etc.

Interior elevations, doors and window schedules, Bill of materials, schedules

Layouts and site plans

Mechanical part drawings & Assembly drawings Bearings, jigs and fixtures, Belt conveyors, Tool Designs, Pump drawings

Foundation details, columns, beams, piers layouts with Reinforcement details

Cadastral maps, topo sheets, Underground electrical and telecommunication cabling drawings, Rainwater, floodwater, Ground level detail

Layout of transmission towers and transmission lines with respect to ground level

Piping and instrumentation diagrams, Isometric piping drawings, Piping and anchorage drawings

Design of Switchboards, Control Panels and Logic circuits used in large Electrical installations.

Layout of transmission towers and transmission lines with respect to ground level

Village maps cadastral mapping

Topographical maps

Digitization of maps detailing utilities like underground cabling, piping, sewage system, water systems, natural Gas piping, etc per real world co-ordinates, for GIS projects.

Digitise IT has CAD-drafted most of these drawings to AutoCAD format, with extremely detailed specifications taking care that that the individual styles of various draftsmen is not reflected in the drawings.


offers Computer Aided Design (CAD), 3D Visualization and Modeling services to a growing global customer base.

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