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Automated Conveyor System – A Variety Of Kinds For Different Purposes


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Conveyors are devices used in order to transport goods from one station to another. Since these are already mechanized and automated, they are now popularly called as automated conveyor systems. Now, these technologies are present in almost all assembly lines of manufacturing companies.

Automated conveyor systems are created to deviate from the basic purposes of the so-called rolling-pin conveyors. The automation was made to help the company meet with heavier necessities for transmission of goods It is also crucial in applications where interaction with automated assembly lines is required by the firm. Here are some subcategories under the system together with respective applications for the output.

What subcategories are found under an automated conveyor system?

There are five subcategories for automated conveyors. One is the pneumatic conveyor or a system that makes use of a combination of vacuum tubes and compressed air to push the commodities into the system. The second type is known as the vibrating conveyor or a system that transports volatile items from a point to the other. Adding to the task of this subcategory of a conveyor is the sorting of objects before they are actually transferred to another production point.

Automated conveyor systems also include a subclass known as belt conveyor. The system functions with the presence of looped metal belts and rubber links. They are commonly seen in transferring airport luggage. The fourth type is known as the chain conveyor that is said to be functional in the automotive industry. This is termed as such because it consists of a large chain squeezed in between two pulley wheels. The screw conveyor is the fifth type and is applicable in water technologies for agricultural needs. The screw in this conveyor system type makes the output function for transportation of a variety of materials.

Other purposes for automated conveyors

Aside from the companies served by the several subcategories of automated conveyors, there are yet other purposes for the industrial product. Generally, the automated conveyor simplifies manual operation making sure that the needs of the company are met. This means that it is capable of solving problems on manual transportation of materials. With automated systems, there are no more hassles in disposing the tasks in manufacturing. They are often found better than other types of mechanized technologies such as forklifts since they are safer and they do not necessitate worker training to operate the conveyor.

However, in order to make automated conveyor systems render their uses, they should undergo regular system maintenance. If this will not be complied with, wear and tear of the system will be inevitable. Maintenance may simply be conducted through cleaning the conveyor technologies or by replacement of damaged parts.

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Automated Conveyor System – A Variety Of Kinds For Different Purposes